Self Care for Youth

Before coming to see us, there are lots of resources, tools and apps that are available online that can help you. Foundry BC have some really great resources for all ages and for a variety of topics. Explore their website and find out what works best for you.

Below are some of Raven’s Nest top picks for online resources, tested by our advocates to help you through your journey.

Self Care Checklist

To feel calm



-Write in your journal 

-Do a breathing exercise

-Eat your favourite food 

-Call a friend 

-Take a bath 

-Walk your dog 


To feel prepared

-Sleep at least 7 hours 

-Pack your favourite toy or stuffy 

-Talk with your advocate 


-Lay out your clothes 

-Set your alarm 

-Have breakfast/ lunch

Top app picks for youth under 12


Mindful Powers™ is a kid-first, holistic approach to building social-emotional learning through the power of play. 


New Horizons has a Youtube Channel that is focused on meditation and mindfulness stories for kids.

Adventures of
Super Stretch

Kids have fun & get fit learning yoga moves from animated characters

Top app picks for youth over 12

Love is Respect

This interactive site has information and quizzes to help you assess the healthiness of your relationships.


Breathr teaches a variety of mindfulness practices, from guided meditations to simple practices that can be used anywhere. 

Cool Not Cool

Cool Not Cool is an app about friends and relationships where you choose what’s cool and what’s not cool.