FAQs for Youth

1. My friend is experiencing abuse, what can I do?

Knowing that someone you care about is being abused can be painful and frustrating. It is brave of you to want to help. Be there and listen: Let your friend know that you are there to support them and help them figure out what they can do to stop or escape any further abuse. Listen to them when they speak and try to be calm to avoid making them feel as though they are cornered. Try not to tell them what they need to do, other than to get help. Encouraging them to speak with an advocate at a child & youth advocacy centre can help them consider their options and connect them to other resources in the community. They can also call an immediate kids help line to find someone safe to talk to. BC Helpline for children at 310-1234 or 1-800-663-9122.

Remember to take care of yourself: Be sure to look after yourself as conversations around abusive relationships can be hard work. Seek avenues of support and continue to engage in activities that are meaningful to you and bring you joy. You may want to talk to a trusted, safe adult. Advocates can be an excellent source of support for both you and your friend. Taking care of yourself is a sign of strength, not weakness.

TIP: If you or someone you know is in danger and needs immediate protection, it’s best
to tell someone you trust and get help as soon as you can.

2. Does it cost to visit a child and youth advocacy centre?

No, Raven’s Nest is a non-profit organization, and all our services are free of charge.

3. What should I expect from my visit to Raven's Nest?

We believe that every child and youth have unique needs that deserve tailored support. We will provide you with a safe, nurturing environment before your interview. Advocates can help with general questions about the justice process, help with court preparation, and provide follow up support. With your permission, advocates can even contact your school or workplace to help them understand what is happening and help you come up with a safety plan upon leaving the center.

4. How long will my visit at Raven's Nest last?

The length of your visit will depend on what type of service you are receiving. Advocacy and support appointments will have more flexibility around the amount of time spent together. Court preparation appointments will last about an hour while forensic child interviews with community partners will be dependent upon the situation. There will be snacks, water, and washrooms available to you. Our staff is present to offer resources and emotional support during your waiting period.

5. What if I don't trust the advocate?

Our main goal is to keep your interests at the heart of everything we do. Advocates are there to act on your behalf and we do not work for the Ministry or the RCMP.

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